Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Best Potential Game Changer for Aerodynamics and the Future of Flight

A few months ago, I was talking to someone in our think tank about the reality of diminishing returns with the latest new state-of-the-art and bleeding edge aerospace designs. I suggested that perhaps it's time for another giant leap in aviation, and to do this we needed to get our minds outside of the wind tunnel, or the proverbial box, and start considering other strategies. Okay so let's talk about this shall we?
I mentioned to an acquaintance, that I thought we should start a new focus group and project, discussing game changing aerodynamic strategies for the future of flight. I then stated; I'd like to discuss with you the concept of using lasers to evacuate tubes of atmosphere to fly aircraft through eliminating the air-pressure, thus, increasing performance, with the engines hanging outside the tube in the thickened air which has bunched up, thus increasing their performance, while the body of the craft skates freely inside.
In fact, after I mentioned that I copied that paragraph, and re-pasted it the other day talking to another individual who seems to have some decent background in science to help with molecular assimilation, or the alignment of molecules of air using various frequencies in different spectrums, under different amounts of power. Indeed, it seems as if it would be possible to hyper-thicken the air underneath a wing making an aircraft buoyant, just as a ship is buoyant upon the water, and therefore floats.
If the air was thicker around an aircraft, it would be able to carry more weight, and take off in a very short distance. This could usher in the new age of things like flying skateboards, flying personal crap, or even flying cars. It would be an absolute game changer for the airline industry, as such strategies were proven, tested, research, prototype, and then scaled up. You see, I am no longer satisfied by designing a better and more efficient wing, or making the materials lighter.
Yes, we need to do both of those things, and we should be doing all of that right now if nothing more to save fuel, increase performance, and get better utility. The problem is the costs are so great for every incremental increase in efficiency. I say it's time to stop worrying about the aircraft itself, and start worrying about the air or fluid the craft is flying through. We've been modifying aircraft forever, now it's time to modify the air. You might say my head is up in the clouds on this issue, and you'd be right. Please consider all this and think on it.

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