Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Future Process Visual Image of Your Ancestral Tree Might Get Some Rain From the Clouds

Have you ever gone on-line and checked out your family tree? maybe abundant of the work has been in hot water you, so once you click on a reputation, it tells of the individual root, all of their offspring, and their ancestral line. What if it told you more? What if we have a tendency to took a number of the ways from Vannevar Bush from Bell Labs and his thought of life work or recording a whole life? What if your future ancestors had access to everything that you simply did throughout your life? is that this possible? Let's speak.

You see, with all the social networking you're doing, you're swing additional and additional of yourself on-line. the web is recording each web site you visit, each e-mail you send, each YouTube video you watch. It is aware of additional regarding you than you recognize regarding yourself, and might most likely predict what you'll do next though you do not understand yourself. This may scare you from a police investigation stance, and have you ever questioning the validity of your personal privacy, it will me typically enough. within the future personal privacy may not really be a compound word or phrase that anyone ever uses, it should not exist, by no means on-line.

Now then back to the ancestral tree, what if everything from your entire life was still digitally archived in the cloud. Your grandchildren, and their grandchildren, and their grandchildren could look up everything about you, how you lived, what you did, and could learn from your life experiences. This would help them understand from where they came, and their genetic line, and the lessons you learned, perhaps the hard way. This would help them do better, accomplish more, and get along in a way that would help them advance.

Wouldn't that be a wonderful gift to your offspring's future offspring? What if you had all this information from all your past ancestors? Wouldn't that be of interest to you? Wouldn't you like to know what they were like, what they did, what they thought, who their friends were, and what their dreams happen to be? All of this could be possible in the future, and it may even be probable. In fact your mind may be re-created someday in the cloud, and you will live in digital eternity. Interestingly enough you may not be living in heaven, but you'll still be up in the clouds.

Yes, this is an interesting futuristic concept, and there have been a number of futurists discuss things along this line. As the coordinator for a think tank it is interesting that in the present period we are completing components that would allow this transition. Indeed I asked her to please consider all this and think on it.

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