Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Best Potential Game Changer for Aerodynamics and the Future of Flight

A few months ago, I was talking to someone in our think tank about the reality of diminishing returns with the latest new state-of-the-art and bleeding edge aerospace designs. I suggested that perhaps it's time for another giant leap in aviation, and to do this we needed to get our minds outside of the wind tunnel, or the proverbial box, and start considering other strategies. Okay so let's talk about this shall we?
I mentioned to an acquaintance, that I thought we should start a new focus group and project, discussing game changing aerodynamic strategies for the future of flight. I then stated; I'd like to discuss with you the concept of using lasers to evacuate tubes of atmosphere to fly aircraft through eliminating the air-pressure, thus, increasing performance, with the engines hanging outside the tube in the thickened air which has bunched up, thus increasing their performance, while the body of the craft skates freely inside.
In fact, after I mentioned that I copied that paragraph, and re-pasted it the other day talking to another individual who seems to have some decent background in science to help with molecular assimilation, or the alignment of molecules of air using various frequencies in different spectrums, under different amounts of power. Indeed, it seems as if it would be possible to hyper-thicken the air underneath a wing making an aircraft buoyant, just as a ship is buoyant upon the water, and therefore floats.
If the air was thicker around an aircraft, it would be able to carry more weight, and take off in a very short distance. This could usher in the new age of things like flying skateboards, flying personal crap, or even flying cars. It would be an absolute game changer for the airline industry, as such strategies were proven, tested, research, prototype, and then scaled up. You see, I am no longer satisfied by designing a better and more efficient wing, or making the materials lighter.
Yes, we need to do both of those things, and we should be doing all of that right now if nothing more to save fuel, increase performance, and get better utility. The problem is the costs are so great for every incremental increase in efficiency. I say it's time to stop worrying about the aircraft itself, and start worrying about the air or fluid the craft is flying through. We've been modifying aircraft forever, now it's time to modify the air. You might say my head is up in the clouds on this issue, and you'd be right. Please consider all this and think on it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How Collaborative Learning A New Era in Education?

In a day and age when technology has taken over our lives to the extent that we are surrounded by it all around us, it's little wonder then that this field has made remarkable contributions in the education sector as well, be it in school education or higher education. Gone are the days when teaching meant entering a classroom and talking non-stop for an hour to a group of disinterested and drowsy students. Instead, with the rapid changes that have been implemented in various schools and institutes, teachers and students are both being encouraged to be more interactive in their approach towards learning.
There are many tools available when it comes to collaborative learning. It is common knowledge that information and education that is learnt with the help of audio-visual aids is usually better retained. Thus, there are many tools available including e-learning and e-classroom sessions. With the boom of the Internet, many e-learning portals sprung up and started providing information on various topics. Some of them were integrated so that this information ended up being relevant study material.
There are many portals available today that can help you with gaining information that you need. In fact, many schools employ the method of integrating their teaching methods and e-learning tools so as to effectively tdach any lesson in class. Various schools are supportive of this and have not only equipped their campus with high speed internet but also encourage students to use this medium as much as possible. This not only increases their horizons but also aids them in getting acquainted with doing research so as to be thorough with any topic.
The well known adage 'Two heads are better than one' has never been truer. In today's times, merely rote learning from textbooks will not get anyone anywhere in life. With the high level of competition in every field, it is best to use tools like collaborative learning so that you not only become thorough in your field but also develop an edge over your counterparts. There are various well known collaborative learning portals wherein people can even interact in real time and gain and exchange information and study material. With such extensive options available at the mere click of a button, anyone not making use of it is surely missing out on an excellent opportunity to gain and exchange information that will broaden his knowledge in every sense of the word.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Web Bot Project and Its Prophesies

The Web Bot Project is a computer program that was created by Clif High and George Ure in the 1990's.
Clif High originally began developing software in an attempt to stay ahead of movements in the financial markets. But Web Bot has gained fame for something else-- an alleged ability to foresee future events!
How is this possible? Clif High claims that the software operates based on the psychic abilities in every human being. As the program scours the internet, it picks up on certain words and notes the shifts in their contexts.
By doing this, information can supposedly be gathered that may inform us about things that are going to happen in the future.
This information can often be vague but is sometimes eerily specific.
Unsurprisingly, Clif High and George Ure have a large amount of critics. Considering that the entire Web Bot Project is based in the assumption that all humans have predictive psychic abilities-- well, that's hardly shocking.
However, they also have a truly enthusiastic following as well! From YouTube videos to radio broadcasts to newsletters and blogging, Clif High, George Ure and the Web Bot Project are constantly disseminating news about their models and predictions that is easily locatable.
They claim to have had previous knowledge of many events in the past, albeit somewhat vague. Giving incredibly specific warnings and notifications about a future event has never been its focus. So while the evidence seems to show some validity to the Project and the information it provides, that information isn't necessarily the most helpful in providing instructions or advice to avert undesirable situations.
But what have they predicted for 2012?
Could the Web Bot Project have the ability to forewarn us about the potential threats of a 2012 Apocalypse?
Well so far, the information has been limited. Literally.
As explained earlier, the program works by searching the internet looking for shifts in the use language. This data is gathered and then analyzed.
But here's the issue with data surrounding December 21, 2012: there isn't much data.
For some unknown reason, there appears to be a large void of data available in the immediate months following December 2012. The volume of data then mysteriously resumes mid-way through 2013.
Why should that be? It is a mystery to be sure, but may also be a clue in-and-of itself.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Will Future Trans-Humans Keep Their Skeletons Within the Closet or Show Them Off As a Display?

In the future, there may be a time where humans actually end up "dying by robot" that ir to say as their parts wear out they end up getting manufactured replacements. It's already starting to happen with all the prosthesis devices from our returning soldiers, or all the titanium hips, artificial knees, hearing aids, and other equipment that we are installing onto humans to work within their bio system. Do you see that point? Okay so let's talk shall we because I'd like to introduce a new potential eventuality for future periods.
There is a funny saying amongst politicians that everyone has "skeletons in their closet," but in the future as humans mature and their human parts and frailty wear out, they may have their brains uploaded to a robotic android so they can live forever. If they do this will they wish to keep their skeletons on display in their living rooms? Will they tell their friends when they come to visit that; "this is my old skeleton that I had back in 2043 before I got this new upgraded technologically advanced version."
Am I saying this might be a nice centerpiece for their living room? It might sound morbid, but over time you become rather attached to your body, and you would probably like to keep those skeleton bones, and whatever else is salvageable as a keepsake. Just as many people mount the heads of the big game they have hunted, perhaps they will keep their own head and mount it on the wall, using the latest current technologies in taxonomy? Yes, I imagine this article is getting a little crazy, but it is worth pondering the question because this could be a new industry for a very smart entrepreneur.
You might say that you would never do that personally, but how do you know? You may say that you would never wish to outlive your own body, but if everyone else was doing the same thing, wouldn't you wish to live amongst your own family rather than perish when your body got tired and ran out of steam? If you had the chance to live forever, perhaps in an exoskeleton robotic humanoid form, keeping all of your memories and mind - I bet you would opt for that, that is if you could afford it, and if it was available to you.
It is true that the future of trans-humanism is a rather mentally challenging philosophical topic to discuss, but I would submit to you that this potential eventuality and future is nearly upon us. Therefore I ask that you please consider all this and think on it.